Nero passed in late October of 2016.  He was a shepherd dog that served faithfully as a military K9.  He is the perfect example of the brave, intelligent and loyal service dogs that serve our troops and our country, risking their lives for the cause of freedom world-wide.

Credit: Facebook / Mission K9 Rescue

Nero served in Afghanistan as a CWD (Contract Working Dog) for seven years.  When he was 8 years old, he was able to return to the United States and was taken in by Mission K9 Rescue, an organization in Texas that rescues and finds homes for military dogs.

According to Mission K9 Rescue Facebook, they found Nero a very happy home with a new mom, Judie, where he lived a very happy life for two more years.  Nero’s life almost ended in tragedy before he even met Judie.  Because of a pressure problem on the plane when Nero was returning to the States, he was on the brink of death.  Nero was rushed to a vet 30 minutes after landing and was saved.

Credit: Mission K9 Rescue

So for the next two year, Judie provided endless belly rubs and gave Nero all the affection this courageous K9 deserved.  In 2014, Nero was treated for cancer in his feet.  His suffering never diminished his faithfulness to his family.  And when Nero died, he was given the kind of accolade at burial that he deserved for his bravery and heroism.  The hospital covered him with a flag in a gesture of respect.

Judie wrote:  “A hero died on this day, Oct. 26, 2016. Let us celebrate his life and honor his name. May we raise up prayers of thanks for his life and ask for eternal peace and love for him. Hero, Nero.”

Credit: Facebook / Mission K9 Rescue