The 17-year-old had just learned how to administer CPR in her high school health class.  While a crowd circled the lifeless infant and the child’s mother was desperately trying to revive her baby girl to no avail, Abby Snodgrass stepped up and took charge.  She gave the baby CPR thinking the whole time, “What if this doesn’t work.”

The surveillance cameras caught the whole encounter on video.  The mother was screaming for help when she noticed her baby girl had stopped breathing.  The manager of the store called 911, urging them to come quickly to do CPR.  The shoppers did not feel equipped to help and basically just stood around the mother and baby doing nothing.

Abby heard the commotion from her dressing room and rushed to the scene to do what none seemed capable of doing.  She learned the skills in class just a couple of months before in her health class, but she had never used the technique or seen it administered in real life.  She pushed the negative thoughts about it not working out of her mind and decided to just keep going.

After a number of terrifying moments, the baby girl started to breath again.  Thanks to this teenagers bravery, the baby survived!