Cupid, a cute little dog that was born without front legs, and then found in a bag in a garbage bin, is now proving everyone that he is worth loving.

Cupid was rejected by a rescue who deemed him “unadoptable” and no longer had a chance at life, that is, until Znidarec came along.

Cupid was nursed back to health, and now, will be learning to walk with his new custom built prosthetic legs.

Because Cupid doesn’t even know how to walk, he is getting an epic set of Canadian training wheels-skis. And though he didn’t understand what was going on at first, he quickly caught on, and is on the move.

After tipping over when he turned too sharply, Cupid soon learned, and quickly got the hang of it.

“Somebody out there envisioned him as trash and put him there. For everyone else to see him as the special little boy he is has been absolutely hear warming,” said Znidarec.

And though the journey forward isn’t an easy one, he is still learning, and building up some core strength with physiotherapy and even swimming.

This little pup isn’t expected to ever be able to run, but is expected to learn how to walk on his prosthetic legs, without the skis, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

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