If ever there was a story that exemplified what it means to be a Marine, it’s this one.  Melissa shows what it is to be “always faithful,” she is one of “the few” and “the proud.”

While Melissa was growing up, she was put in and out of foster care and her mother was put in and out of jail.  In spite of the cruel childhood, Melissa is now 21 years old and is serving her country with pride in the Marines.  She was given very little while growing up, but is making very much out of her life.

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She was the oldest of three siblings.  She has two brothers, J.J. and Christian, but she never got to live with them.  They were always split up in separate foster homes.  In fact, it had been six long years since Melissa had even seen her brothers.

When Melissa found out that her mother had recently tested positive for meth use, she knew that she had to do something to save her younger brothers.  She began to do what some told her was impossible:  get full custody of her brothers.

Knowing how possible it was that the judge would dismiss her plea because she was too young or didn’t make enough money, Melissa set out on the 2,000 mile drive to Alabama to plead her case in front of the judge.  Her goal was to take her brothers home with her.

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When the organization, Prank It FWD, found out about Melissa’s endeavor, they decided to pay for her gas, a month’s rent and food for the trip.  That was the first of some great surprises for Melissa.  The second was hearing the judge say “yes” to her plea!

But the greatest of all surprises in this story is seen in the faces of Melissa’s brothers when they hear the news that they are going home with their sister.  When they all got home, there was one more surprise:  Prank It FWD gave this new family a brand new Toyota to drive around in!

What a beautiful story about being “always faithful.”