Elephants are beautiful creatures. There is just something about them that makes me feel at peace. Unfortunately, because of their size, they can often do things that will put their lives in jeopardy. With their large body size and lack of agility to jump or climb, getting stuck in any low place can be deadly for these creatures.

It seems unusual to see a group of animals stuck together, but these three elephants happened to fall into this situation together.

While walking around their land, a group of elephants accidentally fell into a pond being built. When the group of construction workers came back, they found they found the terrified animals swimming in the pond. Within moments, the men all realized the two parents and child couldn’t get out on their own.

It’s funny how the right people come into the right place at the right time. The construction workers knew they didn’t have the equipment to hoist the animals out, so they started by draining the pond. The workers then brought out their equipment, dug out the dirt from the wall, and knocked down the wall.

Although the work took over two days to build a successful ramp, the elephants left the hole healthy and free! The amazing part of this story is that the construction workers knew that taking the wall down would cost them money, but they thought life was more important… wouldn’t you agree?

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