“Hi sweetheart, you OK? Come here, come here. . .” These were the words of Albuguerque police officer, Chris Poccia, when he finally found the little three-year-old girl that was moments away from being a national news story. Instead, the focus of the story is now on Poccia, he is being hailed as a hero by his community.

Caraline Leon-Alcocar was in her car seat in the back of her mother’s car.  The mother was just ten feet away, filling up a water jug in the grocery store parking lot. In a moment, the vehicle was car-jacked with the little girl still inside. The police were immediately called and the car was found not far away, abandoned and empty.

Caraline was missing for 5 hours as the sun set and the sky grew dark. The weather was freezing and Caraline’s mother was distraught.

An Amber Alert was issued. It was 1am when Officer Poccia was walking through an empty parking lot shining his flashlight all around. That’s when he spotted something small and purple at a distance. He rushed over and sure enough, it was little Caraline. Poccia said that she was shaking like a leaf and you could tell that she was really scared, but she was unharmed.  A wave of relief rushed over Poccia.

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When Officer Pocia got home that night, he broke down into tears.

“I was just very happy and thankful we were able to find her.” He told reporters.

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The police hope to catch the car-jacking kidnapper who left this little girl out in the cold. The family is just thankful for an heroic officer who searched into the night.  Please share this wonderful story with your friends.