One moment the three-year-old’s mother was on the phone and was just fine, and the next moment she had blacked out, collapsed and hit her head leaving her unconscious. What would happen to the little three year old and her 15-month sister?


The good news is that little Amelia had been given a lesson on what to do is something bad happened by her mother. And even at 3, she was able to call 999, the emergency number in England, so that medical professionals rushed to the scene. And while they were there helping her mother, she even made sure her 15-month-old sister, Evie, was OK. She fed her a yogurt.

Amelia’s mother said, “My mum passed away and it made me think about how it would be if something bad happened to me so I showed Amelia how to dial 999. I didn’t think she was paying attention but she clearly was. It could have been a dangerous situation but thankfully I’m all right and, without this one, I don’t know what would have happened. She’s a credit to me.”


This thankful and fully recovered mother is hoping that others will be inspired to make sure their children know what to do in an emergency. “Even if it helps one person, sit down with your child and say: ‘If anything happens you need to do this.’ It was amazing, that feeling, knowing my three-year-old daughter had done that, it was just incredible. It really was.”

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