How can it be that a child can disappear in seconds?  He was right there playing in his usual place in the yard with his trucks, and just seconds later he is no where to be found.  That was the nightmare for Courtney Urness from North Dakota who lost her 3-year-old son Carson.


Panic set in for Courtney when all of a sudden she noticed that her son and their family dog, Cooper, were missing from their yard.  She searched frantically and when he was nowhere to be found, she called the police.  They arrived swiftly and began their search.  All Courtney could do now was wait and hope.

Volunteers were brought in from the neighborhood and the whole area was being walked and searched.  But soon, the rescuers began losing hope after six hours of searching by foot, car and even helicopter.  All of the effort turned up nothing.


Those in charge of the investigation decided to give it one more push before they ended because of the darkness and regrouped in the morning.  One of the volunteer searchers saw something in the tall grass a whole mile from Carson’s home.  Drawing closer, he realized that it was Cooper, the family dog’s, head popping up from the grass in the field.

Cooper was lying on top of 3-year-old Carson, keeping him warm in the 40 degree weather.  This precious dog became the hero of the whole town.  Cooper saved Carson and the day, they both were returned home safe and sound!