A women’s wedding dress is something that they usually only wear once. Sometimes, they will pass the dress down to their children, but other times, it just stays preserved and packed away. That is, unless your name is Ruthie McCoy.

In 1952, Ruthie married her husband Tom, and loved the dress so much. It has now been packed away for 65 years, but no longer!

Tom and Ruthie on their wedding day…

To celebrate their 65th anniversary, Ruthie decided to pull out her wedding dress from 1952, and surprise her husband. In Lubbock, Texas, she wore the dress to a special gathering being help to mark their milestone anniversary, and her husband absolutely adored it!

“It took me back to the very first time I saw her. She was in an all-white dress (then). She looked like a little angel. I found out after I married her that she is an angel,” said husband Tom.

Ruthie had bought her satin dress for $39.99 many years ago, but is still in love with the dress she wore on that special day.

“It has lace around the waistline, over the hips and down the back, and of course, lots of buttons…I worked so hard to make the money to buy it,” said Ruthie regarding her dress.

Tom and Ruthie, with Ruthie in her wedding dress from 65 years ago…

And after six decades, Ruthie looks as lovely as ever, and we are so happy that she and Tom have gotten to spend 65 years together, and we wish them many more!