This is a story of one person’s awful cruelty and another’s amazing compassion.  It is a story of 7 baby horses that were saved from certain death.  These horses are known as “Nurse Mare Foals,” that means that they were brought into the world simply so they can keep milk flowing from their mothers.  Eventually their mother is taken away from them so that she can provide milk for another baby horse that is deemed more valuable.  Typically the favored horses are future racing horses, and the adorable baby horses, now orphaned, are killed.

It is offensive that this industry exists and what is even more mind boggling is that it is all very legal.  What a heartbreaking reality!  Fortunately, there are people out there who are pulling out all the stops to save this amazing little animals.  Last Chance Corral is a foundation that takes these horses in and works to nurse them so that they can live.  Once the babies are able to sustain themselves on their own, they can be adopted by people who will love them.

They have found that these horses are usually perfectly healthy and friendly.  And thanks to this wonderful foundation, they are thriving in forever homes and they are being treated with the respect they deserve.  Please share this video if you think this awful cruelty should stop and if you think this amazing compassion should be recognized.