More than seven decades after Pearl Habor, George Sternisha has received the news him and his family had been waiting for for years. His uncles body has been identified, and they couldn’t be happier.

Michael Galajdik had died in Pearl Harbor while on board the U.S.S. Oklahoma in December of 1941. His body hadn’t ever been identified, one of the 400 with the same fate, and was buried in a mass grave in Honolulu.

In early 1942, Sternisha’s mother, which was Galajdik’s sister, had received a letter stating that his body could not be positively identified, but he had most certainly perished.

After the Oklahoma sunk in Pearl Harbor, a few crew members were able to be rescued by others who were able to cut holes in the hull. But to this day, the giant ship’s story is still one of the most haunting and terrifying in the annals of the Navy.

During the time, 429 sailors and marines died, and 388 were left unidentified. Sternisha and his sister had both given samples to the Navy lab in an attempt to identify their uncle’s remains to bring him home.

Michael Galajdik…

But he recently received a call the family had been waiting decades for. His uncle was identified, and was coming home.

“I came out and said, ‘Do you have a positive identification of my uncle?’ And they said, ‘Yes I do!’ And at that point, I got goose bumps!” said Sternisha.

So far, the Navy has identified 68 crew members from the Oklahoma, and are continuing to identify all of the missing persons. As their work continues, there is peace among families who had been broken up due to the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.

“I would just tell other families, just keep praying. You now, don’t give up the faith!” commented Sternisha, who is planning on traveling to Honolulu and bringing his uncle home, and we couldn’t be happier for him and his family.

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