Kids like 7 year old Kaden Newton, are showing the world that you’re never too young-and in other cases, too old- to serve your community and help people in need.

First-grader Kaden has the founder of “Mac & Cheese and Pancakes” where he donates kid-friendly foods to his local food pantry.

Kaden’s mom Diana said that her son came up with the idea when he was just 4 years old and in preschool. He said he wanted to start a company to feed the poor.

“At the time our children were approximately 4, 3, and 1 year old, and we were just trying to make it through those tough toddler years. So, we appeased his request by puling some food out of our own kitchen and taking him down to the local food pantry to donate it,” said Diana.

After his first trip there, he continued to want to go back, and for the past 3 years, has been a regular visitor. And after just a year, he began to get even more emotionally invested in the process.

He became aware of the families in the waiting room, just waiting on their food. He even noticed how many children there, and saw that the food being given out was not food those children would enjoy.

So, now Kaden has officially launched “Mac & Cheese and Pancakes,” the company he envisioned at the young age of 4. To kick it off, he created an Amazon Wish List with some of his favorite kid-friendly foods that he knew other children would enjoy. Foods such as, Mac & cheese, pancakes, spaghetti, peanut butter, and some Chef Boyardee products.

He began organizing “in person” food drives within his community, he asked school administrators, extracurricular activity leaders, family, friends, and more people for donations and other assistance.

And just within a week of its official launch, Kaden’s little company received over 5,000 items across the country. Newspapers and TV stations have shared his story, and by the second week, more than 10,000 items had been donated.

“His initial goal for ‘Mac & Cheese and Pancakes’ was about 5,000 items, of which 1,000 he hoped could come from the Amazon Wishlist. As of February 19th, the total tally was in excess of 10,300 items, approximately 12,360 pounds,” said Diana.

We are so proud of Kaden and all he has done for his community, and we hope that he continues his amazing work and that his little company will grow!

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