I wish we could just give everyone a service dog if they needed one. Unfortunately, giving away free things to everyone or many is just not plausible. But if you ever see someone saving hard and doing all they can do to get that money, that’s when we should step in and help. Aiden Heath has been saving his change for over four years with one goal in mind: Buy a service dog.

“This is my dream,” Aiden told his mother, Jenni Heath. The 8-year-old from Vermont was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes approximate 4 years ago. Shortly after being diagnosed, Aiden learned that there were dogs trained to help monitor glucose levels.


“They can sense it 20 minutes to 30 minutes before the blood meter actually tells you that you’re low,” Mrs. Heath told ABC7.

ht_diabetes_dog3a_cf_161010_4x3_992With the average price of a service dog being around $15,000, not many people can afford these dogs. But when his mom told Aiden to save up one penny at a time, that’s exactly what he did. Aiden got to about $9,000 from his goal when the news started covering his story. Once people heard about what Aiden was doing, they started donating and raised more than $20,000 overnight!

Mrs. Heath put a down payment on Angel, a chocolate Labrador, just as she passed her last tests. The mother and son tracked Angel’s progress until the dog was finally in their custody. “We have been so amazed by the outpouring of support,” Mrs. Heath said. “He is feeling the love.”

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