When this precious little girl was just 8 months old, she suffered 14 fractures, burns and abrasions.  She was paralyzed from the waist down due to the physical abuse that she experienced in her biological mother’s home.  Marie Surprenant was taken to the ER and the X-rays showed that her spinal cord had been severed.  The man that was with Marie’s mother and a part of the abuse said that she had fallen from a bed.  That’s when the social workers got involved and developed a case that enabled Marie to be rescued from that violent house.  Her mother and the boyfriend were arrested.

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According to ChildHelp.org, an estimated 1,580 children died because of abuse and neglect in 2014.  And if the social workers and the detectives had not intervened, Marie might have been one of those statistics.

Marie was taken to a local social worker’s home named Michelle.  She fell in love with Marie and decided to adopt her.  Even though Marie needs 24 hour a day care, Michelle is determined to give her all the love and care that she deserves.

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Marie has become an amazing young girl.  Recently, she decided to write an open letter to the detectives and social workers who rescued her from the abusive home.  Her letter has gone viral and it has given us a rare glimpse into the perspective of the child in cases like this.  Marie wanted to thank her guardian angels and she wanted to address the stigma that social workers sometimes feel.

 As you read the letter below, take some time to be grateful for the men and women who keep so many of our children safe from abuse.11-600x104821-600x1066