The classic debate between cat and dog will live on forever; however, I don’t think a cat could have been the hero in this story…

Marie Alexander is a 92-year-old grandmother who recently saved sassy, a 9-year-old Chihuahua. Chihuahuas tend to be annoying and loud, but in this case, that trait paid off. Alexander and Sassy were constantly together be that in the garage, house, or yard.

One day, Alexander was going out to get the mail when she took a wrong step and came crashing down on her back. When she attempted to get up, she realized the horrifying truth – she was stuck. What made matters worse was Alexander landed behind some shrubs which were behind her fence. No one would see her.

But Sassy didn’t give up so quickly. According to the video report below, Sassy doesn’t normally bark except when the doorbell rings, so when she started barking, Alexander was quite surprised. She was even more surprised when her dog continued to bark for the length she did! The dog started barking at every car that passed, but not a single car noticed the little Chihuahua.

After five hours of barking, a couple walked by and decided to see why the dog was going crazy. When they entered the gate they found Alexander on the ground. She was incredibly dehydrated and needed to be hospitalized to get more fluids in her.

Without that dog, the outcomes of this event may have been much worse.  Granted, a cat could meow forever, but there’s just something about a dog that people are drawn to.  This dog saved his owners life and for that I’m sure she’s eternally greatful!

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