Bucket lists tend to have some of the craziest wishes and desires on them, to be completed in this short, amazingly beautiful gift of life. And sometimes, no one can believe that someone would actually want that to happen.

People like this 99 year old from Netherlands, whose dream was to get arrested and placed behind bars. Annie told her niece of her dream, and so she tried to see if it could actually happen for her aunt.

And the police officers of the Nijmegen Zuid prison made her dream come to life. The police came to her house, and arrested her, with handcuffs and all. Then proceeded to take her to the prison in Nijmegen Zuid, where she was led to a place many people dread.

The police took Annie into a cell, where she continued to stay handcuffed. She was positively overwhelmed with joy. She wanted to “experience a police cell from within,” and she got her wish.

We are so thankful the police granted her wish, and we loved seeing her reaction!

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