The little chimp had spent all of her days tied up with a rope in a backyard.  Her waist and hips had wounds on them from the rope.  She had experienced so much abuse that she was terrified of humans.

When her rescuer found her and whisked her away to an organization called Ape Action Africa, the staff was surprised and heartbroken to see the chimp (later to be given the name Jenny) curled up on the floor of the car “in a sad ball.”

Jenny was so leary of human interaction that she refused all contact and stayed close to her blanket.

Eventually, with patient and loving care, she started to come around with the staff.  Jenny is about 10 months old.  After meeting her needs due to exhaustion and disorientation, she began to realize that these humans were there to help her.

When she crawled up into her rescuer Rachel’s lap and fell asleep, they knew that Jenny was going to be OK.

When she is cleared by the medical team, Jenny will be introduced to socialization.  She will meet other chimps who will become her new family.

“We will never be able to replace what she has lost,” a staff member said, “but [we] hope that we can give her a lifetime of love and companionship with her own kind.”