Dogs are known to be very loving pets, and have proven that over and over again. And this dog, Ralph, has definitely shown just how adorable and loving he really is.

Elisa Lee, 17 years old from Lakewood, California, would see Ralph almost everyday on her way to school. She would see him peering underneath his front gate, but was scared to pet him, fearing he would bite her.

“Days passed and he was still waiting there, so one of my friends encouraged me to try to pet him,” said Lee, and she gave him a little love.

And it turns out, he is an absolutely sweetie! He loved the attention, and they bonded after school everyday, but only from through the gate. They kept their meeting everyday for months on end, until one day, he wasn’t there.

She then noticed a man walking a golden retriever nearby, and decided to confront the two.

“I told [his owner] I pet him all the time, and also asked him what’s his name, and he told me it was Ralph,” Lee commented.

She then shared a picture of him on Twitter, and understandably, it went viral. Everyone loved him, and thought it was the cutest thing ever. And we agree! They have a friendship that will last a lifetime!

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