A few months ago, Gladwire posted about a Lion, a Bear, and a Tiger that were brought together after being rescued from a drug dealer. You can read the original news story here. The three animals were affectionately known as ‘BLT’ by the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. The three animals have lived together…in the same habitat for 15 years.

Baloo, an American black bear, Leo, a lion, and Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger were all rescued from a during a drug raid in 2001. Imagine being the officers who go to a drug bust but find ‘BLT’ there…a little scary!

In a sad turn of events, the ‘BLT’ trio has been minimized to a duo.

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary’s Facebook page posted about Leo not feeling well for a few weeks. He was barely eating and he wasn’t his active self. The Sanctuary knew something was wrong so they took him in for an exploratory surgery, the result of which left ‘BLT’ changed forever.

Leo had over 80% of his liver covered in masses that were completely inoperable. The staff gave Baloo and Shere Khan a chance to say goodbye, but after that the Sanctuary had to let Leo move on.

The staff are said to see Leo go, but their efforts are now focused on making sure his best friends are okay with the loss. The Sanctuary is now celebrating Leo’s life and we will too! In honor of the late Leo, check out all the pictures of ‘BLT’ and Leo below!

All photo’s courtesy of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary