Have you ever gone into an animal shelter, not knowing exactly what pet you want? Well worry no more!

A nonprofit shelter, Austin Pets Alive, has started a new matchmaking program, where people are available to assist you in find a pet PURR-FECT for you and your family.

In most shelters, visitors will walk around to look for a new friend. This system works well for the animals who are cute and charismatic, but a little difficult for the rest. So that’s why they made the matchmaker system, to help all of them.

These matchmakers are trained to help people connect with the pets who may otherwise have a hard time getting picked. It gives them a chance at a new and loving home.

“Now imagine that you have a team of people who are dedicated to representing you to potential adopters, explaining the kind of setup you are looking for at home, your personal history, and all of the wonderful ways you as an individual may enrich their life,” said Ryan Plunkett, matchmaker placement program manager.

The program has helped dozens of animals who didn’t stand a chance against some of the other animals, find their forever home, and it is truly heartwarming.

We are so happy these animals are finally able to find their forever homes, and we hope that more shelters will consider using this program to help ALL animals. Did you find this story touching? Are you happy these animals “with no chance” are being adopted? Then SHARE this post!