Any special act of kindness can go a long way, however when it comes to a parent of a child with special needs, that act of kindness may be even more powerful.

Bonnie Kandel, mother of Leif who is autistic and has some speech and learning disorders, came into contact with a worker at McDonalds who made her son’s whole day.

Leif had been focused on the Team Titan toys from McDonald’s for several weeks since one of his classmates had gotten one. Due to Leif’s condition, he has a tendency to not let things go when he becomes fixated on them.

“He has been so focused on these toys to the point that he had trouble talking about or thinking about anything else. It was a daily conversation,” said Kandel.

So after a few weeks, they finally went to a nearby McDonald’s, but sadly, when they arrived, the toys were already gone. Kandel asked the manager if she would be able to purchase a toy from the display, and the manager initially had said no. But one young employee, known as TQ, overheard the situation, and decided to do something about it.

Leif and TQ, the McDonald’s employee…

TQ had pulled the manager aside, and asked if she would be able to dismantle the display, and give Leif ALL of the Team Titan toys.

“It was a very loving and compassionate gesture. All of my sons saw this happen and I am so very grateful they had a first hand experience with such empathy,” said Kandel.

Leif was so excited, and he still continues to play with them for house. He even sleeps with them every night and bring them with him whenever he leaves the house.

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