A hotel bartender is being praised for his heroic actions after saving a man from drowning near Siddeley Street at Docklands.

Matt McKiernan, a bartender at Wharf Hotel, was just beginning his closing procedures when he heard a man screaming. As he tuned in to the sound, he realized the sound was coming from the nearby river.

barman-art4“I wasn’t really keen to jump in the Yarra because I was worried it was going to taste pretty bad. I wasn’t disappointed and it tasted pretty terrible actually.” McKiernan knew what he had to do so he began running towards the river. “I took my kit off and jumped in the river… because he was drowning,” McKiernan said.

As McKiernan pulled the man to the side, a couple bystanders assisted in pulling the victim out of the water. Managers Bobby Corbett and Chad Lynch were celebrating their completion of the Tough Mudder event when they were called to administer CPR.

“I was on the phone with the emergency services and they talked me through it, they got me to kind of respond with how he was breathing at the time because he was gargling, he had a lot of water,” Lynch said.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-2-00-49-pmLynch managed to get the man breathing again and the emergency workers took over from there. McKiernan went back to closing and the managers went back to celebrating. The man is recovering in the hospital thanks to this entire staff. “It felt like we were training throughout the day and doing the obstacles as a team for saving this guy’s life as a team,” Lynch said. “We’re just glad he’s OK.”

Remember these guys next time you think you’re just normal. They were just managers and bartenders and yet they saved a man’s life. SHARE this story if you’re glad these guys were there that night!