Police officers place their lives on the line every day, even when they’re off-duty many have to keep their guards up. An officer in India risked his life versus a literal ticking time bomb.

Abhishek Patel and his unit responded to a dangerous call involving a school of about 400 children and a crusty bomb.

The officers immediately called a bomb removal crew, but it would be awhile before they could arrive so Abhishek did the unthinkable.

He promptly picked the explosive up in his arms, slung it over his shoulder, and began to make his way away from the school.

He sprinted down the path, running like the wind; running like Forest Gump. He carried the 10-kilogram explosive as quickly as his legs could manage.

The only thing that was going through his mind was a snippet of information he learned during training; a snippet he likely never thought he would have to put into practice.

If a bomb like that were to go off, you can pretty much assume it is going to damage anything within a 500-meter radius. Even if it’s a little bomb, keeping that rule of thumb in mind can save lives.

Except, how many people are going to pick up and carry a bomb?

That’s exactly what Abhishek did because the explosive was inside the large school compound which itself was inside a dense residential area. He would have a good distance to go.

For an entire kilometer, he ran with that potential death wish resting on his shoulder, a heavy reminder of the danger he put himself in with every step. When he finally reached enough distance he stopped and carefully transferred the weight to the ground.

He set it in the soft mud and left it there for bomb disposal to deal with. His job was done.

A crew came, destroyed the device in a controlled explosion, and the town rejoiced. A member of the All India Congress Committee praised Abhishek saying,

“Head Constable Abhishek Patel has shown [a] great sense of duty and courage by carrying away a bomb found in a school.”

Authorities are still investigating how the bomb ended up in the schoolyard and why. There is some speculation that it may have come from an army range fairly close by.


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Article via: The Telegraph