One of the best feelings in the world for a woman is being pregnant, and feeling the baby kick, and basically just the experience. But imagine, being able to feel all of that for 40 weeks, knowing that after you give birth, the baby will only have a few short hours left.

Keri and Royce Young are pregnant with their second child, a baby girl, but found out at their 20 week scan that something was terribly wrong. Their baby has anencephaly, which is a rare birth defect where the child is missing parts of their brain and skull…and she was terminal.

Most parents couldn’t bare the news, and the Young’s had problems dealing with it as well. But Keri made a huge decision after being told by the doctor that they would be able to donate the babies organs. And she thought about it, and was hesitant. But she decided to carry the baby, who they already named Eva, to full term.

Carrying baby Eva to full term meant a lot of things, but it meant that Eva would be able to save the lives of other babies. She has perfect hands, feet, lungs, liver, kidneys, everything is perfect. Except for her brain.

“This was not an easy decision. For the next 20 weeks I will feel her kick, I’ll have the hiccups, and we’ll be able to hear her perfect heart beating all while knowing we’ll only get a few short hours with her when she’s born,” said Keri.

The whole family is devastated, but are in awe of how selfless Keri is being. She truly is an amazing woman to do this.

“In literally the worst moment of her life, finding out her baby was going to die, it took her less than a minute to think of someone else and how her selflessness could help. It’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever experienced,” wrote Royce Young on their Facebook page, which was created to keep people updated on the situation.

It takes a strong woman to be able to do something like this. Her decision, and Eva, will be able to save the lives of other babies in need, and if that isn’t powerful then I don’t know what is.

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