Jen McGowan, 26, had a gut-wrenching moment when she threw her engagement ring into the Irish sea on accident. She had been wearing the ring for less than 24 hours when she tossed it in the water near Port Logan, Wigtownshire.

To clarify, she didn’t purposefully throw it into the water. The ring flew off her finger when she tossed a stick into the ocean for her dog. You can imagine her fiancé’s thoughts when she called him with the news…


“I was fully clothed but I ran straight into the water because I was just so desperate to find it and get it back on my finger,” she told the Daily Record.

McGowan phoned her soon-to-be husband and he rushed down to help. After hours of searching they finally gave up and took to Facebook to alert others to keep an eye out. To their surprise, over 30 people came out to the beach to help look. Some of whom even brought metal detectors!

After about four hours, one of the men shockingly with the metal detector found the ring. “The metal detectorists told me later they didn’t think they’d be able to find the ring as the metal it’s made from, palladium, is quite hard to pick up,” McGowan said. Palladium looks like simple foil to the detector so when you do find it, it’s hard to judge what it is.

Norman Delafield, 70, was responsible for finding the ring. “I asked Jen for the rough location and started walking around the water,” the man said. “Usually, I wouldn’t bother picking something up if it’s the same signal as foil but as I knew this was palladium, I had a look.”

The couple are clearly thankful for everyone’s help, but have a special thank you to Norma. “To say thanks to Norman, we invited him to our wedding reception and we really hope that he can make it.”

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