When Amanda Scott was planning her wedding, and something didn’t seem right. Her wedding party seemed incomplete, and something wasn’t right. And then it dawned on her. She forgot to include someone very special to her…her best friend.

“We were talking about the wedding party, and something about it didn’t feel complete. It was like a light bulb in my head — I should ask Granny to be a bridesmaid!” said Amanda.

The two are very close. They attend family events together, and Amanda takes her to all of her doctors appointments. They even line dance together. So why not ask her to join the wedding party?

Mary Smith, Scott’s 92 year old grandmother was THRILLED to be involved, and was excited to be involved with all of the bridesmaid activities.

“I thought it was an honor that she asked me to be a bridesmaid at my age. It was a lovely day,” said Smith.

And according to Amanda, she was very good at being in a wedding!

“I was really impressed with her! She got her outfit all on her own, she donated some stuff from her past wedding to help me make my veil, she was just very good at being a part of the wedding,” commented Scott.

We think that this is so awesome, and we are glad they both enjoyed themselves!

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