Brides and their Bridesmaids tend to hold bouquets on wedding day, it’s just something that has become a tradition. But this wedding party did something a little different, and it is absolutely ADORABLE!

The pictures, which have gone viral since being released, show the wedding party having fun while holding puppies instead of flowers. Even the groom and his groomsmen enjoyed some puppy loving.

The puppies, Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth and Louisa are the names of the rescue puppies that they used for their pictures.

The bride Sarah works for a pair of rescue organizations, and wanted to feature the puppies in her wedding pictures to raise awareness for the shelter dogs, and show that there are many dogs who need home.

“While photographing six rambunctious puppies definitely brought an added challenge, it also caused the bridal party to be more at ease. Having something to divert attention from that uncomfortable “Oh my goodness, I’m getting my picture taken … what do I do with my hands?!” feeling to pure bliss made for relaxed photos where the bridal party was able to focus on interacting with the fun-loving puppies as I documented it all unfold,” said Caroline Logan, the wedding photographer.

And as expected, the bridal party loved the idea! And when the puppies were brought to the setting for the pictures, the bridesmaids couldn’t stop gushing about how adorable these puppies were!

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