I’ve been in my fair share of storms and dangerous situations, but I’ve never seen a tornado barrel straight towards me. The actions that are taken in that instant can saved lives or take them. Those actions will also brand a coward or a hero. For this bus driver, she was without a doubt considered a hero.

While driving her school bus through the streets of Indiana, Angel Perry noticed the storm around her bus getting worse. The students were already being let out early in hopes to get home before the storm. However, as if in a horror movie, she saw her worst nightmare. “There is a tornado on the ground,” the man on the radio crackled. Just then, Angel saw the F4 tornado barreling towards her bus.


Angel knew she had 11 kids on her bus still and she knew they had to stay safe. After saying a quick prayer, Angel decided the best option was to head back to the school. “Guys, we’re just going to go as fast as we can into the school,” Angel told the kids as they one by one exited off the bus. You can hear Angel counting as she makes sure every single student is accounted for…then it hit.

Approximately a minute after Angel got the students off the bus and into the school the first wave of wind past through the town. The force of the wind pulled the bus apart and threw it over 100 yards into a nearby diner. People taking cover in the diner miraculously avoided the bus and immediately jumped up to see inside.

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-5-35-25-pm“We come out of the restaurant, got up here under the power lines, and looked in there and didn’t see nobody,” says a resident of the town. “Anybody could have been killed in this tornado, but no kids was hurt, thank God… It was just a miracle.”

Thanks to her quick thinking and courage, Angel saved 11 lives and her own. Although many people consider her a hero, Angel doesn’t believe she is. “I do not feel like I am a hero, the strength was given to me from above. I know I could not have done it on my own.”

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article via The Weather Channel