Everyone knows when dogs are happy, the people around them are happy too! And Cake Journal certainly had the right idea when it came to making dog treats for these adorable little pups!

Recently, cakejournal.com, “a baking blog, producing creative video tutorials and how-to recipes for everyone, no experience necessary, provides viewers a wide variety of delicious, dessert recipes. Sydney Winkler is the face of the YouTube channel and comes up with the recipes and video ideas. She thought it would be a good idea to give back to the pups in her community, so she decided to take start in the kitchen and make some homemade dog treats for some deserving dogs at a local shelter” and lets just say, these treats were PAWFECT.

In the video, she demonstrates how to make the tasty treats with just 4 simple ingredients. Winkler even tried the treats herself, saying that they really are good, and even you can sit and eat them with your pet. They are just THAT good, not to mention healthy too! Because these aren’t ordinary dog treats, they are VEGAN dog treats.

“What started as a boxer rescue, quickly became boxers and buddies rescue because you just can’t turn a dog away, you know, there’s no dog left behind,” said Christine McLain, the founder of PA Boxers.

Sydney hand delivered the treats herself, and got to love on some of the dogs that were present at the time. And it was definitely a sweet idea, literally! We think that this was such an awesome idea, and hopefully, she’ll have more just like it soon! Cause when you put baking and adorable dogs together, it just melts the heart!

Thank you to Ms. Sydney Winkler for taking the time to make these yummy treats for the dogs, and also thank you for sitting down with me and giving me some insight on this little project! It was definitely a huge success! And another thank you to PA Boxers for doing all that they do to help these homeless dogs! It is greatly appreciated by many, including the dogs!

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For the recipe with step-by-step instructions and pictures, click here!