He’s usually behind the camera, but because of his recent heroic actions, this man is now forced to the front of the camera! Austin Raishbrook is the owner of RMG News, and was working as the cameraman on New Year’s Eve and early New Year’s morning. He was driving north on the 110 Freeway in South Los Angeles when he saw a disabled vehicle stalled in one of the lanes.

It was a dark SUV and it was completely blacked out and very difficult to see. He pulled near it to put his strobe light on it and turned on his emergency lights to warn oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately, some drivers just didn’t see the vehicle. Two cars side-swiped the SUV and then it was rear-ended by a vehicle that was going an estimated 65 miles per hour.

Credit: http://mynewsla.com

The crash sent the SUV into the center divider where it burst into flames. Raishbrook dropped his camera.

“I didn’t know if anyone was in the SUV because it was all dark, but I grabbed my fire extinguisher and flashlight and ran to the burning car. I smashed the passenger side window with my fire extinguisher and looked in but the car was nearly fully engulfed and it was hard to see through the smoke. Finally, I saw there was a man slumped over the steering wheel. So I ran to the driver’s side and tried to smash that window but I couldn’t do it. Finally, somehow I pried open the door and saw the man was strapped in with his seat belt. By then the smoke was so thick, I couldn’t breathe too well.” Raishbrook said.

Austin said that he had to back off for a moment to get a deep breath, but then he went right back to the passenger and got his shoulder strap off and pulled the man out. “It was pretty harrowing and there were a lot of split-second decisions I had to make, but I finally got him out of the SUV,” he said.

Our behind the scenes hero saved that man’s life. He said that he didn’t even realize how close he came to the fire until one of the CHP officers told him his hair was singed.

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