Witnesses said that if Carl Nesmith had not reacted when he did, the victim may not have survived, or at the very least, would have been seriously hurt.

Carl was hanging out on the sidewalk near the intersection of Cottage Street and Park Avenue in Bridgeport with his girlfriend. The sun was shining and the sky was clear; a nice day to be outside.

Then it was hectic. Carl heard a loud “boom” and turned around. There in front of him was a red car, heartily smashed into a nearby tree. Smoke poured from under the folded up hood as flames began to sneak out of the cracks.

He looked around with great disappointment to see everyone else standing around filming the scene on their phones.

“Everybody was taking videos of him and nobody was helping him,” Carl told Connecticut News 12.

So what he did next was a pure reaction, not stopping to ask for help because nobody was trying to help anyway.  Carl realized that the car wasn’t going to wait for emergency responders to arrive.

He ran over to the vehicle closely followed by a second pedestrian. They pried open the driver’s side door and found the driver still conscious. He told his rescuers he was in pain and believed he was injured.

Carl knew that if they didn’t work quickly to get the driver out, he would be burned to a crisp. The impact of the vehicle striking the tree pushed the steering wheel into the driver’s lap, pinning him into the seat.

As the flames began to consume more and more of the disabled car, Nesmith’s girlfriend told him to leave the driver and get away. From her point of view, the situation was escalating quickly into something beyond their control.

But Carl wasn’t about to give up. Despite bystanders yelling to him to get away before the car blew up, he knew he had to get the driver out.

He and the other man worked until moments later they were able to wriggle the driver’s legs out from under the wreckage holding him in. They dragged him away from the burning car just in time to see as if from an action movie, it erupt into flames.

Carl’s girlfriend says that she believes God put him there for a reason. That reason being the right place and time to save an accident victim from certain death.

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