In case you needed a heartwarming story today, here’s one that satisfy your need!

In Cannock, England, Helen Martin and her daughter Cordelia, whom they call Cordie, went on an evening grocery shopping trip at a Sainsbury’s store. And when they dimmed the lights, letting customers know it was almost closing time, Codie began to have a panic attack.

It all began when they were shopping ay a Sainsbury’s a few years back, and they did a fire alarm test, and it completely traumatized Cordie, and she has been terrified of alarms going off in public places ever since.

Cordie got really freaked out, remembering the last time the alarms had gone off, and she was terrified they were going to begin again. Helen rushed to the checkout, and was trying to calm her daughter at the same time. And that’s when a super kind Sainsbury’s cashier stepped in to help Helen and comfort Cordie.

Cordie with Tina, the cashier who was able to help calm her down…

The cashier, now known as Tina, had asked Cordie to help her scan the groceries, got her to calm down and dried her tears. She distracted Cordie by allowing her to do this, and it worked. She even left the store smiling, and was proud of herself for not freaking out more.

Helen was not expecting the kindness the cashier had shown to her and her daughter. So the next day, Helen and Cordie went back to the store, and brought their hero some flowers, who had become “quite the celebrity at work.”

Cordie brought Tina some flowers for being her hero…

The story went viral, and it’s no wonder why! We are so thankful that the cashier was able to calm Cordie down, and to help the mother and daughter out in their time of need. We are so proud of Cordie and how she then overcame the fear. We hope it continues!

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