Glen Schallman rescued a black cat named Blake from an animal adoption event in Fort Worth, Texas.  He wanted a furry companion to offset his suffering.  Glen has three separate brain diseases.  The combination of these cause frequent seizures which can be very dangerous, especially if the seizures happen while you are asleep.  They interfere with your breathing and can quickly become deadly.


Well, Blake the cat has become more than just a furry companion. . .he has become Glen’s safeguard and has even become an early warning system.  Blake can sense when Glen is having a seizure.  If he is sleeping, the cat will gently bite on Glen’s toes until he wakes up.  Blake even seems to be able to tell when a seizure is coming and alerts Glen to be prepared.

This adopted cat has become a bona fide therapy animal with no formal training!  Glen Schallman is believed to be the oldest person alive with this rare brain disease combination. . .in no small part thanks to his furry companion Blake.

This leads us at to ask. . .“Who rescued who?”

If you are thankful for animal companions, share this story with all of your friends.  Let’s raise awareness for those four-legged rescuers!