If you thought Spiderman was just a movie, well you’re right. But this guy is probably the closet to Spiderman you will get. Liang Lee from the Shandong Province of China is being hailed a hero after scaling a building to save a toddler dangling from a window.

After hearing the faint cries of a child above him, Mr. Lee was made aware of a toddler dangling from the window security bars. The child’s head was lodged between the bars and his body dangling down.

Mr. Lee, knew the situation could turn deadly in seconds, so he quickly jumped on the side of the building and began scaling the three floors. Using the bars, Mr. Lee slowly climbed the building without any harness or safety net.

As the hero climbed the building, bystanders called the fire department who arrived with a safety blanket in case either person fell. After a relatively quick climb, Mr. Lee rescued the child who suffered no injuries other than some marks around his neck.

“If the boy turned (had) turned his head, he would (have fallen) from the gap of the bars.”

The boy’s parents were out of the house at the time, but profusely thanked Mr. Lee for his heroism! How awesome is it to see strangers coming to the aid of those they don’t know!

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