Everyone loves the circus, right?  The clowns, trapeze artists, and death defying acts are amazing. . .but what about the animals that are forced to parade in front of us doing tricks?   I wonder how they feel about the circus?  I wonder how many animals in shows around the world are treated well and how many are treated poorly?

Many circus animals live in tiny cages when they are not under the big top.  And the conditions are terrible.  They can live their entire lives in these deplorable, even abusive, circumstances.

Animal Defenders International work tirelessly to save show animals and give them better lives.

Credit: http://www.npr.org

In 2015, ADI saved Cholita the bear from an abusive circus.  She had spent 20 years in cages suffering horribly.  Her owners mutilated her, cutting off her toes.  Because of the stress of her environment, she lost all of her fur.  She didn’t even look like a bear anymore.

ADI rescued Cholita from her abusers and now her life is very different.  She can relax, she has room to play, she eats whatever she likes.  Cholita is free and happy!  Even though it may be hard to look at, you can see how happy this bear is in the video below.

Credit: http://www.care2.com

It’s probably a good idea to keep animals like Cholita in mind the next time you go to a show that forces animals to entertain.  It’s worth think about and looking into.

Video Credit: Animal Defenders International