This is one of those stories that you might not even believe the first time you read it. An operator at the Frankfort Sewer Department recently rescued two dogs from a pit of raw sewage.

Operator Justin Stanley received on call on Sunday that two Labs managed to get stuck in the 3.3-million-gallon sewage pit. It was a rather disgusting situation.

12403459_g“Digesting the sewage, that got it in their mouth, and cuts and wounds and stuff. They were going to be in bad shape pretty quick,” Stanley told Lex18.

Stanley didn’t want to waste any time, so he quickly got on his stomach and pulled the first Lab Lola out. He quickly got back down and pulled the second Lab, Sophie, out. Within moments the two dogs were completely safe.

Stanley mentioned how severe the situation was when he said, “The current of the flow of the water… it wouldn’t… They wouldn’t have been able to stay up there long,”

The two dogs were taken to a nearby veterinarian where they are quickly healing up. The cuts and sores are being treated with antibiotics and the two dogs received a complete bath.

“It makes me feel pretty good that I could save the dogs,” Stanley said. “The look on their face was begging for somebody to just get them out.”

The owner of the dogs personally came to Stanley to thank him. She told him his selfless act went above and beyond his job. We agree!

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Article via Lex18