After suffering a brutal beating within his middle school, 7th grader Henry Sembdner was hospitalized due to head injuries and facial fractures, and now, he is finally home!

12 year old Sembdner was beating during a passing period, when he accidentally bumped into another student. And that did not sit well with him.

The student then proceeded to slam Henry to the ground, and had continued to beat Henry. He was then taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, where the doctors made the decision to put him in a medically induced coma because of the extent of his injuries.

He spent several days in the hospital, but now has finally returned home, and his family couldn’t be happier! His mom posted a picture of the family with Henry after arriving home, saying, “#HENRYSTRONG You heard it here first…Henry is home!”

But Henry got the attention of a baseball player from his favorite team, Anthony Rizzo, Cubs first baseman.

He tweeted to Henry, “Glad you are home Buddy! Keep staying #HenryStrong. See you at Wrigley this summer.”

Students from Henry’s middle school, Kenyon Wood Midle School, wrote Henry get well cards, and have been showing their support with organized dress up days and assemblies.

And as if all of that isn’t enough, more than $37,000 have been raised for the family to cover medical bills from the injury.

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