Local contractors and local builder are making one former U.S. Marine sergeant and his wife’s dream come true.

Construction was a bit slow at first, but it has picked up the pace after word got out about Daniel and Theresa Erlandson’s dream house, which they could not accomplish themselves.

The new house will be worth about an estimated $400,00, with material and labor provided. But here’s what is really stunning. This home-free of charge.

The home will be a duplex, allowing the couple to rent out half of it, which will help pay bills according to American Trademark Construction CEO, Steve Risner.

He also said that their story had touched his heart, and of those who have been helping with the project.

Daniel Erlandson was the recipient of a Purple Heart, after he had served many tours of duty in Afghanistan. During his last station, a truck he was in ran over and IED, to which he suffered traumatic brain injury.

But that didn’t stop Erlandson. Just 3 days later, he led his unit right back into the same zone, and were then ambushed and he was wounded during the fight.

“I will never regret what I did to serve my country, but as much as I am proud of what I did, it unfortunately took a toll that the loved ones around me have to live with,” said Erlandson.

But it isn’t just Daniel who is struggling. Theresa is lined up to undergo a kidney transplant, which is needed to replace the one she had received when she was 10 years old from her father.

This means that none of them will be able to work while she recovers. Risner knew the situation, and contacted the Texas-based Operation Finally Home to get it going. He asked them to set aside his deposit of $250,000. He said that the final cost will be more around $300,000, but it’s all worth it.

“Daniel was so dedicated to his troops…his wife has had two kidney transplants. We’re just trying to get them back on their feet,” commented Risner.

We truly hope that the project gets finished soon for the couple to move into. And we are also so thankful for the community that has been so helpful and generous.

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