When couples have a baby, they usually will get paid maternity or sometimes even paternity leave, because it is hard getting a child situated to this new life. Well, dogs are the same way. And this brewery decided that they were going to do something about that.

The company BrewDog is giving their almost 1,000 employees a paid one week leave when they adopt a new puppy or dog, and welcome the new furry friend into their lives.

“It’s not easy trying to juggle work and settle a new dog into your life, and many members of our crew have four-legged friends at home, so we wanted to take the stress out of the situation and let our teams take the time they need to welcome their new puppy or dog into their family,” said BrewDog’s co-founder, James Watt.

The company was founded back in 2007 by Watt and his partner Martin Dickie, and the company’s mascot, Bracken, a Labrador. The company has offices in Aberdeenshire, Glasgow and London, and even has 50 bars worldwide.

At the Aberdeenshire office, they have 50 “office dogs” who regularly will come in an accompany their owners to work, and their employees everywhere are now eligible for the new perk.

The company has named the one week paid leave, “pawternity” and “mutternity” leave, and it is becoming a huge hit around the world.

Their plan is to become the best company to work for, ever. And so far, they are making that very true.

“We’re not aware of any other American company giving a week’s leave to their staff to help build the bond between them and their dog — but then few other companies have four-legged friends at their center as we do,” said the company’s statement about their new perk.

Their actions have gotten a lot of attention on social media, which was expected, and they even are getting more job applications from people who are keen to work at the company.

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