Byron had sunk into a deep depression after his relationship with his girlfriends ended.  In fact, he hit rock bottom and began to contemplate suicide.  He spent a day drinking heavily and then Byron made a noose out of rope.  He went downstairs to write a goodbye letter to his family.


When Byron came back upstairs, he found the noose clenched in his dog, Geo’s, mouth.  Geo is a six year old Rare Welsh Bull Mastiff.  The dog had grabbed the noose when Byron went downstairs and Geo simply refused to give it back.  The more Byron tried to get it, the more intense Geo got.  Geo is normally very gentle, but as Byron tried to get the noose, he growled louder and louder.

At first Byron thought the dog just wanted to play.  But before long, Geo had completely destroyed the noose.  And now Byron says that he wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for Geo’s strange behavior!

Byron believes that this passive pup sensed what he was going to do and just wouldn’t let it happen!


The whole encounter changed the way Byron was thinking. . .he decided that he wanted to live.  This story is taking the internet by storm.

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