Animals are pretty smart, but they do find themselves in sticky situations now and again. When they can’t fend for themselves, hopefully humans are around to help.

For small animals it seems to happen more often. You see them stuck in water or pits that they can’t get out of or something you see them trapped in trash or debris that shouldn’t be there. But it’s rare that you see larger animals trapped.

However, a group of workers in Turkey discovered a large bear in their worksite. The men had been finishing a concrete pit when they noticed a bear trapped himself inside. It’s assumed that the bear was going to the nearby chicken farm when he got in the pit.

The workers dug out the side of the pit in order to jack hammer the wall. When they broke through the side they saw the giant paw come out. The tractor quickly jackhammered the top of the hole to make more room for the bear and then they let the bear do the rest of the work.

Clearly angry by now, the bear dug himself the rest of the way out and then bolted for the woods. Thankfully neither the bear or workers were harmed during the whole process.

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