Dr. Adnan Khera can move smoothly from listening to a heartbeat to kicking up a dance beat.

And when he hits the streets in Boston and starts dancing, he is doing it for charity!

For the last several months, the young anesthesiology resident at Tufts Medical Center has been popping, locking and krumping around the city.  He makes all these moves while dressed as a doctor.

He is grooving for a good cause!

Dr. Khera, 28, has established the Doctor Be Dancing organization so that he can raise money through his street performances for a variety of charities, from animal rescue to child poverty.  So far he has raised $5,000 and he hopes to bring in twice that much in the next several months.

“What I do on the streets allows me to communicate with the population at large, whereas I feel like normally in medicine, we have trouble communicating with patients. We fail in a lot of senses to communicate with them and show what it’s like to be a doctor, and what is in the patient’s best interest. By expressing our individuality, we can better communicate with our patients.”  The doctor said.

Dr. Khera has wanted to be a street performer for 2 to 3 years now.  He knows that some doctors could think that it’s unbecoming of a physician.  But he keeps sharing that his goal is to have an impact and show the value of individuality.

So the Doctor can heal what’s busted and also bust a move!