I don’t know about you, but growing up, birthdays were my absolute favorite day. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was a celebration of me. Or it could also have been that I always got gifts and who doesn’t like gifts?

That’s what caught my attention about the charity work that 15-year-old Leigh Dittman of Lutz, Florida is doing. Ever since she was three, she has made a peculiar request for her birthday. Instead of people giving her gifts for her birthday, she asks that they donate to Shriner’s Hospital in Tampa.

Well, the years have caught up with her charitable work and now she has hit a new milestone: $1 million raised. She made that goal many years ago when someone asked how much she planned to raise.  Leigh says that now she wants other kids to have the opportunities she has been given

“A million seems like a really big number why don’t we go for that,” she remembers regarding why she set the million dollar goal.

Leigh has a brittle bone disease that upon diagnoses, doctors told her mother she had minutes to live. It has landed her with 40 broken bones and multiple surgeries over her lifetime. Every time, it was Shriner’s Hospital that took care of her and treated her. Even still she goes back every six months for more treatments.

She says that God has given her and her family the strength to continue through the hard times and to stay positive. Everyone around her is encouraged by her positive attitude and huge smile.

Leigh’s selfless contributions and outlook on her situation encourage us to do the same. Today she speaks to groups around the country regarding her fundraising efforts and medical condition. She has earned the title of one of Tampa Bay Lightning’s Community Heroes all while volunteering at Camo Care-A-Lot; where patients from Shriner’s can get outside.

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