Rescuers deal with animals that are in terrible shape either due to neglect, abuse, or even an injury. That wasn’t exactly the case with this furry little pup.

When a person passing by a nearby park noticed a small animal wondering around, covered in matted fur, they picked it up and dropped it off at a local vet. But when they brought the animal in, no one could figure out what exactly they were dealing with.

The animals fur had covered almost all of it’s face, body and legs, leaving it unrecognizable.

“The coat was so bad that the only option we had was to shave it all off.f Once we’d removed the fur, it revealed a number of sores and wounds to her skin,” said RSPCA inspector Lorna Campbell.

She said that the dog, Rosie, had been severely neglected was in such an awful state when they first got her.

“You could barely tell she was a dog let alone what breed she was-she just looked like a dirty mop,” said Campbell.

When Rosie arrived, her coat was a brownish, gray color, when it should have been more of a cream color. They said it looked like she had huge matted knots and dreadlocks in her coat, which resulted in her skin to become sore and start to bleed.

We are so thankful that Rosie was saved and has finally gotten a long overdue haircut! SHARE this post if you are grateful for the vets who have taken such good care of Rosie!