It really is like a modern day misunderstood monster movie.  Augustus was a stray dog who was so terribly mistreated and neglected that it was hard to tell exactly what he was.  The people of his community actually treated him like a monster.  They yelled at him and even threw things at him.  His fate seemed sealed, to die on the streets sick, uncared for and unloved.


But that is not what happened to this monster dog. . .and when you see him now compared to what he looked like before, you will simply find it unbelievable.  The Heart of Alabama Save Rescue and Adopt (HASRA) saw a photo of Augustus.  They searched for him and brought him to their shelter to begin a new life.  He was the worst case of abuse and neglect that the staff had ever seen.

The dog was hospitalized and treated for weeks.  Augustus needed antibiotics as well as a daily get treatment.  They literally needed to peel off layers of potato chip like scales that had developed on his coat.  But the scales came off and Augustus looked like an extreme burn victim.  After weeks, the staff still had no idea exactly what breed of dog or mix Augustus was.


He was transferred to the HASRA sanctuary and given daily oil treatments and baths.  Auggie, as they now called him, loved the coconut oil rubdowns the staff gave him.  He was starting to feel comfortable again despite a lifetime of pain.  He looked back at his heros with thankfulness and love.  The more he recovered, the more loving Auggie became.

The staff started a Facebook page for Auggie and animal lovers from around the world fell in love with this dog and followed his healing process.  Eventually, a woman named Jordan adopted Auggie.  She said that she feels blessed to be the one that got this living miracle.

Watch this video. . .at the 1:10 mark, you will be totally blown away at Auggie’s transformation!  No one knew that the monster dog was an amazing black and white Border Collie mix.  Auggie IS a living miracle. . .You’ve got to share this story!