“Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down his life for his friend.” That quote usually refers to heroic love between humans. But in this story, you will see that kind of love expressed from one dog to another.

There was a female dog who was so injured, she couldn’t even more off of the train track. She stayed paralyzed on those tracks for two whole days. The weather was freezing and eventually there would be a train coming. Fortunately for this dog, there was a friend who would not leave her alone.

Credit: http://www.ndtv.com

A male dog, we would later find out was from the same family, stayed right by the female’s side on the snow covered rails. And get this. . .he stayed with her even when the train came. They both just cowered low and let the train run right over them.

Denis Malafejeiv, from the Ukraine, posted the story and even got a video of the dogs as the train passed over them. Residents nearby finally called a rescue team and the dogs were eventually returned to their home.

These canines were siblings and their names are Lucy and Panda. The both were given love and medical treatment and are now safe and sound back in their home.

Many people have responded from all over the world to this heroic story of love. One called it the most beautiful story they have heard. Another said that this world needs to go to the dogs!

What is your response?