The recent earthquakes in Italy have destroyed art and architecture that is centuries old.  And they have also damaged the lives of countless innocent people.  But this tragedy is not just impacting people and places. . .pets have been lost in the rubble of a shaking earth.

There are countless animals who often get left behind in the midst of chaos and then lost in the craziness of the aftermath.  In the video below, you will see an amazing rescue of someone’s precious dog.  The first responders are anxiously digging through the collapsed building hoping to find life.


Can you imagine their surprise when they noticed a small black paw sticking out of the rubble moving back and forth?

The rescuers worked tirelessly, risking their own lives, so that they could slowly dig this dog out to safety.  The long process freed the trapped pet.  They immediately gave him so fresh water which he lapped up very quickly.  He had been underground literally for hours.

As you watch this amazing rescue, you can’t help but be grateful for the bravery and effort of these first responders.  Share this story with your friends so that we can acknowledge the great work that these courageous volunteers do in the midst of crisis and chaos.