Sadly, many people with Down’s syndrome barely make it to the age of 50. It’s the sad truth, especially when knowing their smiles bring joy to others. But this man, Kenny Cridge, is proving those statistics wrong, by being the oldest man with Down’s syndrome.

Cridge just celebrated is 77th birthday, and everyone is so happy to still be able to see his lovely smile. Kenny was born in February in 1939, and was only expected to live to the age of 12.

Since 2008, he was declared the oldest man living with Down’s syndrome, owning a Guinness World Record title. You can only imagine his joy, and his families.

Kenny Cridge, believed to be the oldest man with Down’s Syndrome in Britain pictured celebrating his 76th birthday with friends…

Initially, doctors thought Kenny was still-born, but he soon began to show signs of life and was resuscitated. Sadly, just a few years ago, his sister Dorothy passed away, surprising doctors by him outliving her.

We are so happy that Kenny is still with us today, and we wish him many more wonderful years! He is an amazing man!

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