If you have ever had surgery before, you likely know that it can be a very scary experience. It’s not only the surgery itself that can be nerve-racking but simply waking up and coming “back to” can be stressful.

Megan Smith’s mother, Margaret, recently had a surgery in which she was given too much anesthesia.

After a successful procedure, she slowly began to regain consciousness with a nurse named Olivia standing at her side. Nurse Olivia had been in similar positions before and knew just how to keep a recovering patient in good spirits during this process. Margaret’s brain was fuzzy and found it difficult to recall the details of her visit.

It took some extra time for the anesthesia to wear off, which had the patient somewhat panicked. Extra stress after a surgical procedure is not a good thing, which is why it is really great that nurse Olivia decided to step up to the plate and do what she did for Mrs. Smith.

In the video, you can see nurse Olivia singing along with the radio and holding the patient’s hand. Towards the end of the video, the patient actually starts singing along with her, albeit weakly.

However, Margaret and Megan Smith faced a dilemma after all of this was over. They wanted to thank the nurse, but they did not know how they could get back in touch with her.

Thankfully, social media provided them with the means to do this. Megan Smith wrote online, “This nurse sat with my mom for hours while the medicine from too much Anesthesia and sang a very special song to my sweet mother to comfort her. You never left her side by choice!! Words cannot describe the appreciation and love we feel for nurse Olivia who mom calls her angel!”

Along with this message, Megan uploaded a video to Facebook, and it ended up getting such a large amount of exposure that nurse Olivia saw it and responded with some kind words of her own: “Miss Marg has touched my heart in such an indescribable way. I am so humbled and honored to be a Nurse. My thoughts and prayers are forever with this amazing family.”

As you can see, sometimes a job is more than just a job. Sometimes it can be incredibly rewarding, and people are brought together in such beautiful ways that they always remember afterward, even once they are apart. Everyone should hope to find a profession that is as rewarding as nurse Olivia’s was in this situation.

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