I’m sure most of us are related to or at least know someone who has served and/or is currently serving in the United States Military. Whether it be in the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, or National Guard, that man or woman has or is sacrificing themselves for the good of our country and the freedom we experience daily.

No matter their branch of the military, position, or where they were stationed, each individual who has served our country faithfully deserves the utmost respect, honor, and gratitude from their fellow citizens. They have all taken time from their personal lives, away from family, friends and all loved ones in order to protect the United States and the liberties we celebrate daily. That alone is something worth praising.

It truly is a joy to see the ways communities give back to those who have fought for our freedom. Businesses offering military and veteran discounts and restaurants and retail stores offering special deals on certain nights are just some of the many ways we as regular citizens can say thank you.

One town in Massachusetts went above and beyond the traditional gifts of gratitude and came up with a very creative and unconventional way to bless those who fought for our country.

Ashland, Massachusetts recently installed “veteran parking only” signs in numerous spots in their community center and town hall parking lot. The spots are now exclusively for veterans as just another way for the town to share their gratitude.

Each sign reads as follows, “Veteran Parking Only. Thank you for your service.” They also each have an American flag painted on them.

Not only are the signs designed to help make the lives of the resident veterans a little easier, but they also serve as a reminder to everyone else that the local veterans deserve respect and recognition for all that they’ve done to the make the country a safer place.

Ashland, Massachusetts truly set a standard for the way we thank our soldiers. It doesn’t have to be as big and elaborate, though. Whether it is a note in the mail, a post on Facebook, or even as simple as a handshake and “thank you for your service,” don’t forget to share your gratitude with our armed forces whenever you get the chance. We are a really blessed nation, and we should never take that for granted.

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